Overcoming Obstacles with Jane Orlov

Jane Orlov is an INSPIRING leader and social media marketing coach who I am proud to call my business partner and friend. 1f496 Overcoming Obstacles with Jane Orlov💖

Jane used to be a stay at home mom with ONLY a high school education. She came from Russia when I was 17. Jane used to clean homes, then got married and stayed at home raising two kids. She liked real estate, so with creative finances, she and her ex husband were able to purchase several rental properties, but when the real estate market crashed, they were forced to foreclose on the properties and file for BANKRUPTCY…

Jane has been in the network marketing industry for almost 7 years and 5 years with her current company. The first few years she was just learning. Her biggest challenges were: not knowing many people, being shy, not being confident in herself; in fact, she was scared of talking to anybody, because in the beginning she was vomiting with information all over her friends and even lost her voice for a week!

Now, she is a successful business person, loving mother and an inspiration to many!

I love being able to interview people who have overcome challenges and have risen above their circumstances.

If you have any questions about what we are doing, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to share 1f496 Overcoming Obstacles with Jane Orlov


Jane Orlov
Business leader, Health expert, Single mom


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